Tuesday, August 29, 2006

my path to fame

By far the top two search engine queries that lead to this site are "sudafed high" and "popcorn stuck in teeth." I get both of those at least once a week; in the case of "sudafed high" it's up to three times this week. I like to think that I'm big among the over-the-counter drug abuser crowd, on top of being helpful to those in need of relief from little bits of popcorn stuck in their gums.

This week the good contenders are:

"IM AFRAID OF THE BUDDHA" (all caps- this is someone who is currently performing a fevered internet search while Buddha pounds on his locked door, demanding to be let in or he'll 'break the sucker down and no one will ever hear from you again!!')
"clits pits and cats" (interesting- a new bestselling, irreverant chicklit novel?)
"i look like a teenager"
"Nickelodeon today makes me want to cry" (me too, buddy, me too)
"buddha swimsuit picture" (from before the Buddha became homicidal- hey, we all have our days)
"italian trombone squash"

But only one "cunt or pussy" search. I'm afraid I'm just not cut out to be a porn site, sorry guys.

how'd you find me?