Friday, August 25, 2006

k is for kristopher!

Although I said it last week, I'd just like to take the time to wish my good friend Kristopher a happy official birthday today.

Kristopher is awesome because all summer he put up with me calling him when I was bored, hoping to be invited over for dinner and a movie. He has never refused me. And he lets me steal all his recipes. And they're all vegetarian. And then he gives me half of his bulgur wheat from Central Market.

Kristopher is awesome because he always has wine handy.

Kristopher is awesome because he knows the answer to lots of linguistic questions and ponderings, and he has this map of Native American language groups on his kitchen wall that I can't stop looking at when I'm over. Yet he never seems to mind that sometimes I stop listening to him for a few seconds because I am lost in thought about how cool California must be to have all those different language families.

Kristopher is awesome because he let me order him a beer one time, even though he doesn't like beer much, and drank it and smiled and said he liked it. He even bought the round!

Kristopher is awesome because he sees me itching to take a picture of something, and I've forgotten my camera, so he hands me his. I am still waiting to receive the results of our Fort Worth trip, however, and for that Kristopher loses awesome points. :)

Happy Birthday, Kristopher!