Thursday, August 17, 2006

new and improved miscellany

First off, a round of Happy Birthdays:

Jason- did you have fun last night? I did. When I saw the sun rising again I thought, 'oh, that's three in a row.' Only you can make me stay up that late on the third day when it feels like my eyes are bleeding and my liver is crying out for the tears of innocents.

Kristopher- I hope you have a great time in Michigan. I am jealous of the weather and the people and the scenery you get to experience. I don't need anything from there, thanks for asking...although if you can get some Bell's on the plane...I wouldn't refuse, exactly.

Most Painful Thing Evar, TM.

Last night I made dinner for Jason. The lentil soup was almost ready to be blended, and I wanted to smell it, since the last time I had it it was delicious. So I lifted up the lid of the pot, but I must have had my nose too close to the steam because when I inhaled....

Hot, hot hot hot hothothothot steam rushed up my nose and sent me to the floor in a dazed panic.

I scalded the INSIDE of my nose, people. Don't ever do that. It's like fire, and then for a little bit you think it won't hurt so badly, and the next thing you know you're spending ten minutes in the bathroom inhaling cold water. It still hurts. I'm snotty, but it's all crystalized and crusty. I think some nose hairs may be timidly poking their heads back out today, but they're still a little gun shy...

Thursday night is 80s Night! It's here again! I'm so excited!

Please don't forget to answer my poll!

The poll is also up in the women's bathroom at Lou's. Lou's women's bathroom has chalk walls and you can drunkenly scribble things on them while making sure you don't pee all over the place, which isn't really your fault because the toilet seat is too small for the bowl. You do what you can. Anyway, if you're at Lucky Lou's in Denton and you wanna take a poll, now you know.