Tuesday, September 05, 2006

key to my heart? a working lock on my mcfriggen locker
welcome back to school, and other updates

Albuquerque was really awesome. Really. Great lesson, great hiking, great food, great friends. I wish I were still there! More pictures to follow soon as they're all online.

Sheesh, all that green chili has fried my taste buds. Everything tastes weak now.

Tuesdays= day from hell. Part of that is my fault, for coming up with the idea of swimming in the morning with a friend who'll keep me honest about it. Swimming in the morning means having enough time to 1. swim 2. shower 3. warm-up/practice trombone before 4. class at 11.

So it's an early morning.

Then I have class basically 11-3, and a lesson at 4, and 8tet at 7. Eeesh.

Quartet should be awesome. Brass 5tet is still in the works. I hope it's awesome.

Parking at Fout's Field= NOT AWESOME.

And...I'm out of ideas to write about. Let's give a big welcome to Back-in-School Lorn, who is too busy both in terms of schedule and mentally to really write in her charmingly offbeat fashion.

Apologies. Got a lesson in a half hour.