Monday, September 24, 2007

talking=good for you

Less negativity now. Yay! But don't get too excited, it'll probably find its way back sooner or later. Just part of the cycle of being Lorn.

Besides, something silly and fun happened, and it really means nothing but it made me feel good anyway. Isn't that nice?

And besides that, I practiced for a good hour today. Real, honest-to-goodness practicing, which I haven't done in months because of...many things. Moving, not being in school, lots of rehearsing wearing me out, etc. It feels good to nail some stuf down and hear my real sound come back, not this half-assed out of shape trombone playing I've been getting away with lately. Time to shine! Quintet recital in less than three weeks!

Check out the movie Year of the Dog. It's quite fantastic in its quirky little way.

I will leave you with a Professor Smith quote.

"I just want to stand up here and get a big paycheck and not have to sweat over your entrance."

I miss that man's infinite wisdom.