Wednesday, November 07, 2007

all these things that i've done

Hello B'Stewers.

Here's the news from the Burque as it stands:

1. I have been offered not one, but two jobs working for the county! I chose the one that is full-time and has benefits, even though it was not my favorite actual job of the two choices. But I need money, and health care, and these things are good. I will be basically helping to develop and run recreational programs at a community center in a little foothills town east of here. I am very excited! I don't know when I start yet because they have to do all the background check stuff. I put in my two weeks at Red Circle and my last day will be Nov 17th. Hurray for that! No Black Friday, regular days of work, and a non-corporate job!

2. I spent a ton of money at REI today... but! New hiking boots, and cheap outdoor gear, these things are good. Emily is visiting this weekend so I will get to break in the new shoes.

3. Yay! Emily!

4. I have Leopard on my Mac now. It is awesome.

5. Translate the following from the original boy: 'Yes, I like you too.' (short pause) 'I really need to go to bed now.'

6. Speaking of that, RAWR. Lorn horny. Lorn lonely. Lorn like boy. Lorn like boy an awful lot. Lorn lack patience and calm.

7. Cats are funny about bags and boxes. This shit could entertain me for hours.