Tuesday, October 23, 2007

history repeats itself worse

In case any of you were worried about my folks and friends at home in San Diego, this is just a quick update. My parents evacuated at noon yesterday and went downt to Qualcomm Stadium. They wanted to come back home later, but the freeway was closed. So last I heard, they were spending the night in their cars at the stadium because they didn't want to sleep on cots with 50,000 other people. Fair enough.

RB is hit badly. This is the website I've been going to for news briefs and a list of homes destroyed. Most of those streets are in Westwood, where I used to collect recycling to make money for band. My thoughts are with the Mortisons, the Lannis, the Avriettes, the Sarmientos, the Barrs, and everyone else that lived over there and is suffering from these terrible fires. I know of one old acquaintence whose family home is completely gone. Winds aren't expected to break until Wednesday, and last I check, the fire is one 1 percent contained. San Diego needs help.