Monday, October 15, 2007

letters, redux

Dear Right Eye o' mine,

I am hoping that this will all get better on its own. Are you thinking positively with me? Because I need some sign that you are healing. So many things are starting to go right that to have to go through surgery and recovery might completely change the way this year ends up. Have you seen how well Left Eye is doing? It sees almost at a level, and it's definitely much stronger now! If you get better, the two of you can work together and we can all have something resembling normal vision for the first time in our lives.

All my best,

Dear Season Four of the Office,

You are really funny, but I have to say I'm looking forward to the episodes going back down to just a half hour. There seems to be a point in these longer episodes where shit just gets a little uncomfortable and awkward. Maybe that's your intention, if so, that's cool. It's just...I miss the concise comedy of the shorter episodes. Just sayin'.

Only a little stitious,

Dear Job Interviews on Wednesday and Friday,

I am going to rock you. Prepare for rock.


Dear Red Circle,

I hope that on Friday I can give you my two weeks notice. You see, I am a smart and driven woman, and working as a cashier for you is just not what I want to be doing with my time. I appreciate the hours and the money, to be sure, but I need some more freedom and a little more personality. Plus, I've never been great at working in retail because the whole society of consumerism just sickens the crap out of me.

I hope we can part on friendly terms,

Dear 'Jesus Camp' (the movie),


Stunned and disgusted with evangelical Christians,

Dear Boy,

I am sending good vibes your way. I want you to know that I cannot make any sort of first move for many stupid and anxiety-ridden reasons. I hope you understand. Please don't let me be wrong about this one. I've been wrong so many times...I need a win. I am amazing, you are amazing, let us combine our powers and be amazing together.

Yours in daydreams,

Dear Albuquerque,

I love you. Thank you for having me.