Sunday, October 14, 2007

sunday's mixed bag

So, working for the big chain store with the red circle for a logo is not the worst deal ever. I get paid well enough, it's easy, and so far no one's been a tremendous asshole. We'll see how it works when I need to find time off to do a gig or have a rehearsal, but for now, it's money in the bank that I don't have to sweat for.

Today was interesting. I think I'm going to miss having the Balloon Fiesta in town because it's given me a chance to speak with a fair amount of out-of-towners, some from places I've lived or others with an interest in what's in town and how to get there. Today someone asked what the New Mexico sales tax was, and I, not knowing, told them I had just moved from Texas and wasn't sure. I was asked why I moved and I explained the Copper Street thing, getting the most positive and friendly response yet! The woman was a music teacher and she knew all about it. We talked for a little bit and it made me happy to have established a personality at work, which has so far been one of my struggles.

I almost called a guy a lucky bastard for buying a box of condoms. Curse my inability to get laid!

I think it was Hot Dad Day today. We had one of those every other week or so at the pool this summer, and if it's the same at Red Circle, I'll be mighty pleased.

There were a lot of people with puppies today. *shrug*

I must find something to do for the rest of the day that involves me keeping busy and not burning up my right eye. I guess a movie. I need to practice. We play for Empire Brass on Friday! Holy Shit!

Large, resounding, deep breaths.