Monday, August 13, 2001

Buddha Stew is so pretty. I am proud of my color coding acheivements. Although there is so much more I can do. Ah...but that's what going home is for! Time on your hands and a cable modem. Although I just noticed that if I want to abbreviate Buddha Stew it's BS...which I guess is fitting in many ways.

Well!!! Yesterday I took the plunge. I signed myself up for French 203. I'm scared! I haven't studied french for a year and a summer. That's a long time. I tried to remember some verbs today, and I even had trouble with etre! Ah well, I will do mass studying for the next three weeks and it'll all be okay. I also have an auditon date and time: August 31st, at 3:20 pm. In Mills Hall. Mills! EeeeK! Big, loud, scary Mills Hall. Yikes. Ok, ok, calm. It'll all be okay...

No news. I have just eaten a peach and I am, therefore, content. Almost finished with The Brothers Karamozov. It is very good! I can't put it down for more than two hours or I get antsy. Dmitri's trial will start soon, and my guess as to who murdered Fydor Karamozov was right! Although...I still have another two hundred pages to go, and Dostoyevsky is oh-so-good at plot twists. I'd like to finish it before tomorrow, so I can start a new book on the plane. I went to the University Book Store on Saturday and, lo and behold, they were having a 1/2 price book sale. So here's a list of what I bought:

The Tao of Pooh and The Te of Piglet, both by Benjamin Hoff;
The Dharma Bums by my favorite Beat, Jack Kerouac;
The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera;
Hocus Pocus, Kurt Vonnegut;
Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, Tom Robbins;
Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov;
and a book of selected poems by Allen Ginsberg.

I haven't decided which one to start next. The problem is, I said I would start Catch 22 as soon as I finished Brothers, and after that, The Sound and the Fury. But here I am with all these books I desperately want to read right way, and I think Heller and Faulkner are going to have to wait another long while. I'm leaning toward Vonnegut, but the Kundera sounds awfully tempting. Help!