Saturday, September 01, 2001

Ah yesterday. What a draining, emotional day. I think at the end of it, though, I can say that it was good...sad, but good. We sent Bethany off around 10...and Davis and I sat on the couch and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I called in sick for work...well, it was my last day, so I suppose....hehehe. Pulled myself together and went to warmup...not all that exciting. But everytime I talked to someone about Bethany leaving I got a little teary. Went home, ate dressed for my audition and went back to Humanities and played. Pretty well!!! I'm happy with how it went. There was a minor crisis about Til Eulenspuihoweveryouspellit: Miah and Collin had to play it, as Bill thought it was on the audition list (another demerit for Bill!). I had to play it, but as sight-reading. Becker gave me a huge Becker smile and Smith spent the whole audition looking at me with his myopic-mole nose-scrunch thing. And he said the same thing he said last year: "much improved, Lorn, much improved" Good...I am so glad that's over. No more worries! Jerry talked me into auditioning for jazz band ("yeah, you should! Because the more people I know in jazz band, the better!"), so I've got to prepare that a little, but I'm not too worried. They're pretty laid back about that. I'll play some bass today and then work on the pieces I copied out of Joe's realbook.
After my audition I watched High Fidelity again with Emily, and then she went off on a date (ooh la la) and Abby and I went to one of the new sushi places on state street. Came back, sat around...Mike showed up, and we went to see Phat Phunktion at the Union. There we met up with Chris, Emily, Andy (date), Abby, Teresa, and various other people...Danced...I love Phat Phunktion---they play the absolute best live shows and they are so much fun! In case you aren't from the local Madison music scene (which rocks), PP is a funk/dance/70s type band. It's like Tower of Power mixed up with Jamiroquai. Only better. that was fun. Tired out and ready for bed, I came home and slept without an alarm clock! How wonderful to wake up naturally. So now I'm doing laundry and thinking half-heartedly about getting dressed.

Bethany's Bon Voyage party was a ton of fun. So many people came! It was awesome. Felicia, Mikey, Chris and I sat in the living room playing Charades with the tin I bought from Restoration Hardware...we were playing eariler but it was too loud and too busy....although Jerry trying to do "Ferdinand the Bull" was hilarious! (Prince....Tim! Prince....Rick...Prince...Raging Bull!!) I think everyone had a good time.

Alright, it's time to go get my laundry. Huzzah! Bethany is arriving in Germany as we speak...yay!