Thursday, August 23, 2001

Hmm...Davis now has a "comment" link on her page, where you can post a comment relating to a specific blog and whatnot. neato. I would like such a thing! It's research time. :)

the freshmen are coming, the freshmen are coming!!!!!
I rode past Good Ol' Ogg Hall today, and people are moving in. Hehehe. Pretty soon groups of kids, dressed to kill and looking about nervously as they try to give off the air of "cool and casual college kid," will be parading the streets searching for their first big party. I can't believe this will be my third year of college. In middle school I thought I'd never be a high schooler, in high school I only dreamed about college (if i even thought about it at all outside of senior year), and now, good grief, I'm halfway done. Pretty soon I have to go out and be an ADULT....which scares the pants off of me. I think the adult world is the most depressing of all. Who wants responsibility, and bills, and a full time job? No wonder some people never want to leave college. Gotta make your twenties last...stay young, stay beautiful, keep partying. The Great American Dream.