Wednesday, August 22, 2001

alive, and once again back in Mad-town! it's back to PRACTICING, which went extraordinarily well this morning and I shall be returning for another go tonight. Home was...well, it was iffy whether or not it was worth it. I did get to see Megan, Marisa, Natalie, Tara, Dan, Katie, Jon, Jennii (i think that's everyone), I did go waterskiing, I did get to the beach. On the other hand, I missed Pastor Mark, Sean and Jessie, I didn't practice very much, and I got a terrible sunburn.

Well, life is full of such pros and cons. That's the way it goes. Natalie did give me some French verb cards, from which I have been studying frequently and my French is returning with great speed. Hurray! I am excited to be in a language class again. I am just can already tell that this town is picking up. I ran into Mr. Smith in front of Cafe Royale; we had a nice chat about summer. He really is a funny funny guy. He's just hard to hear from the back row of wind ensemble so you can't tell whether or not he's insulting you. I ran into Sean Greene and Justin on my way to practicing, and Dan and a vocalist, Chris, in the library. At the library I found a score to Fancy Free! Now, if only Jason will give me my tape back...

My brief time at home has reawakened my eyes as to how unique Madison really is. The people here are just...different. It's an atmosphere, it's fun. You see the same people over and over again. Ah yes. I guess I do have two homes. :)