Monday, October 01, 2001

the problem with relationships is that, at their core, they are based on physical attractiveness. you can be with someone all the time, but it's not a "relationship" until you realize you want to sleep with them too. you can start out liking someone for being clever or witty, and these qualities will lead more and more to you finding something in their physical appearance that makes them attractive to you. of course, you can always start out by thinking that someone's a damn fine piece of ass, too, and then come to appreciate their more delicate qualities.

so! conversation with collin today, he intends on asking a cheerleader out on a date this weekend. "not because she's a cheerleader, because also, she's cute! and nice." cute...what a high standard to have to live up to. (by the way, mild disappointment from me but it's not like i ever expect anything from anyone anymore) i mean...on top of being witty and charming and nice i've got to be cute, too? oh dear. cute was an oversight in my genetic code. cute didn't get figured into the double helix and therefore has missed its mark completely. cute. bah! who needs it.

i would like to point out, so that i'm not a hypocrite, that yes, i do have expectations for cuteness in the opposite sex as well. sort of a double-edged sword. kind of painful to hold on to if you grab it in the wrong place.