Friday, June 18, 2004

morning meme-osa

Act your age? (vingt-deux) I think I act too old for my age.
Born on what day of the week? "Tuesday's child is full of grace" heh. There's a laugh.
Chore you hate? I don't really hate any chores. I'm not a big fan of trash collection, I guess.
Dad’s name? Edward Charles
Essential makeup item? not essential, but I like to have concealer on hand.
Favorite actor? Tim Robbins
Gold or silver? Silver
Hometown? San Diego, CA (born: Racine, WI)
Instruments you play? tenor and bass trombone, mandolin
Job title? Lifeguard/swim instructor
Kids? About ten, for a half an hour a week. ;)
Living arrangements? with the parental units. in less than two months to have my own awesome apartment with the awesomest of awesome roomates Chris McGann.
Mom’s name? Kathleen Ann
Need? a full body massage. also hot erotic affairs.
Overnight hospital stays? not that I can remember.
Phobias? used to: those creepy big eyed aliens on Unsolved Mysteries, and Price Clubs (something about large enclosed spaces with large boxes on wobbly shelving units).
Quote you like? "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." God, from Futurama
Religious affiliation? does the title of my site answer this question?
Siblings? only the invisible ones I used to make up as a kid.
Time you wake up? 9ish
Unique talent? my near-perfect Wicked Witch of the West impression. Also I can do Steve Urkel.
Vegetable you refuse to eat? peas. ew.
Worst habit? picking at scabs and things. I'm just so fascinated by the healing process that I have to interfere (how very human of me).
X-rays you’ve had? Teeth
Yummy food you make? I think my Pad Thai is quite scrumptious.
Zodiac Sign? A Cancer/Leo cusper. Mostly Cancer, but the older I get the more Leo I become.

Thanks for the time waster go to Erica