Saturday, August 21, 2004

lazy saturday

Out again last night, this time in celebration of Jason's finally being in town! We had a grand time bar hopping in Deep Ellum again, and found a spot that I think I might have to officially dub "our place to be" because of the coolness of it. Pretty laid back, music not too loud, places to sit, and a spectacular view of downtown Dallas. On a balmy night like last night, it was the perfect place to end up for reminiscing.

I didn't have to worry about driving this time, so lots of vodka drinks for me, and some of the local Texas beer, Shiner Bock. Good stuff.

Jason left today around 2 and I've been sitting around in my pjs doing jack shit. Quite nice, actually, although no different from the jack shit I usually do (just this time I'm doing it unshowered and groggy). This morning I had all sorts of Olympics-related dreams, and also one about peyote, which comes from out of the blue. There was one in there about having someone in bed with me, cuddling. A beautiful feeling but, alas, not a real one.

I think I will go shower now, and pretend like there are things to be accomplished although I have no idea what they might be. Seems like I don't do much outside of watch movies and practice trombone, and well, hey, that's totally accurate.

Maybe I'll watch Dress to Kill again. "Ciao."