Thursday, September 02, 2004

hey baby, what's your sign?

The past couple of weeks, sitting around in my relative poverty (ie, lack of income), I've been plotting the order in which I will get the things I desire most right now. I've got some students now, and more on the way, so the time is ripe for the purchasing of material goods.

First up is, of course, a computer, so I can stop mooching off of Chris, feel more comfortable blogging, and also stay up later playing Spider Solitaire. It'll be a laptop, so that I can take it to my lessons and keep a practice log and pay record for my students. We'll get wireless in our apartment so we don't have to run cables upstairs, etc. I am getting kind of desperate for a computer, so I was starting to lean toward the easy-on-the-bank-account variety until Ally managed to convince me otherwise.

Hello, I am the world's sexiest computer.

In my lust, I'm considering looking into the credit payment plans and just going for it now, although the more reasonable, money-wise parts of my brain keep telling me to wait until I've paid off my last credit card bill and made up the rent money for September before I commit to a burden of this financial magnitude.

It's really tempting to tell the reasonable, money-wise parts of my brain to stick a donkey in it and go to hell.

The same computer, with the extras that I'd like to add, is ridiculously cheaper at the DOIT store, but, lacking a student ID I am no longer eligible to buy their products. First thing in the morning I plan on giving the Apple product line a ring to find out about this credit deal (Okay, that's a lie. First thing in the morning I have to take Chris to the airport where, despite my intense jealousy, he is flying to Madison for the weekend).

And the other objects of my desire?

After the iBook, a kitty.

After the kitty, a pretty new phone with a camera in it.

After the pretty new phone with a camera in it, a golden goose that lays chocolate eggs.