Monday, August 23, 2004

should get my shitwit card in the mail any day now

I have been bitching and bitching all month that I've been here in Texas about the drivers. People in your blind spot, people making ridiculously risky turns in all directions, people being fucktards all over the damn street.

I am not allowed to talk any longer.

On my way to marching band today, getting ready to turn on to the frontage road that accesses 75, I crunched my bumper right into the SUV in front of me.

To be fair, I had expected her to keep turning as our lane turned into its own respective lane on the frontage road, but her big ass SUV had prevented me from seeing that the lane in question was, indeed, closed. So, I looked left, was clear, and took off. Crrrrrrreeeeunch!

Her car, being huge and 25% bumper, escaped damage. Poor E.D., however, has an fugly wedge of a dent on the right side of the right headlight. My baby!

I knew it was only a matter of time before I suffered the consquences of a dented car, because when you look around at cars in this town a high percentage of them are damaged in some way. I had just hoped it wouldn't be my bloody fault.

Fuckin' a.