Tuesday, December 07, 2004

denny's, rancho bernardo style

The night before I left to come back to Dallas, Tara and Natalie came over and we watched the new Robin Williams standup (Live on Broadway, or whatever). It was terrible. Just not funny at all. Sure, I like crass and risque, but you gotta take it to new lengths. Most of the time I was tempted to say, "Fuck it, let's watch Dress to Kill again." Plus, never watch anything with my dad. Just a warning. It's pure Spanish Inquistion hell.

Anyway, we went to Denny's afterward, like you do, and had the most entertaining waiter on the face of this earth. Brian. Brian was apparently very bored and kinda lonely, because he gave us the friggin' golden treatment. Sometimes he'd just come over and talk to us for no reason. We thought about offering him a seat at our booth at one point. Today I was thinking about making soup for dinner, and all of the sudden it all came rushing back. Good times, Brian, good times.

Brian: How's everything over here?
Me: Just great, Brian, thanks! (we all giggle)
B: Can I get you anything else? Water? Dessert?...Soup?
Natalie: Um, nope, we're good! [exuent Brian.]
N: Did he ask us if we wanted soup?
Tara: Yeah, I think he said that before once, too.
Me: Weird. He must have a fetish.

A little later and...

Brian: Ladies! How are the mozzerella sticks?
Me: Just great, Bri. Do you want one? I can't finish them.
B: No thanks, I like bananas though.
Natalie: Pardon?
Tara: As long as they're not mushy.
B: Oh no, I love them mushy! I'll eat anything. Sometimes we make the banana splits with mushy bananas, and no one ever knows.
Me: I'll make a note of that.
B: Anything else I can get you? Some soup maybe?
T: No, I'm all set with the soup, thanks.
N: Why do you keep offering us soup?
Me: Yeah, are you my grandma?
B: Well, see, we can only serve the soup for 24 hours after we make it. It expires soon, and they want me to push the soup so we don't waste it.
Me: That's very noble of Denny's.
B: I thought so! Anyway, it's very good. So do you want some?