Friday, December 10, 2004

whoa, things are looking up?

Hey, this is weird, and rather out of character for me, but the last week has been good. Like, really good. Not just acceptable, but darn right needle tipping toward the positive side of the scale.

I mean, I totally loved teaching this week.

My dad got a lawyer to help me with my trombone-airline issues.

Somebody fun answered my Onion personal, and made me laugh like hell.

Jason's coming down tomorrow, finally, and we're going to the Women's Museum (I liked this about our conversation: "Wait, there' s a women's museum in...Texas? Is it about housewives?" "No, I think it's pretty legit." "Wow.") and then hopefully on to further adventures.

I bought and assembled a desk today. I love doing that shit. It's a cool desk too, and it's already cluttered.

I'm practicing, not a lot, but regularly.

My Jones Soda bottle cap yesterday said "You will soon be made extremely happy." I'd like to hope that's going to pan out.

I looked totally cute tonight.

Photoshop is fun.

And this is the kicker: I almost don't want to go home again next Friday. I mean, I do, but it seems so soon. I'm afraid to take my horn- I might not. If I don't, I can bring back my mandolin, and that would be thrilling to say the least.

But when I get back, I am immediately leaving for Madison.


Be still, my heart.