Monday, January 31, 2005

how i waste most of my time on the internet these days

[Genius that is my asshat roommate has somehow managed to not pay the cable bill for two months- which is why our internet keeps going out. So here I am at the library again.]

Webcomics are fun! I am currently hooked on several:

Dinosaur Comics. Just like, maybe the funniest thing ever, and so delightfully weeeird!

Queen of Wands. Katie got me into this one. Start at the beginning for it to make sense.

Friendly Hostility. Also helps if you start at the beginning, although there is a huge temporal jump in the middle and all of the sudden the kids are grown up. They're cute, though.

Sluggy Freelance. Jamie introduced me to this one. It's really nerdy. But cool. ;)

Hello Cthulhu. On Friday Ally IMed me with this crazy Hello Kitty spoof and we spent the next hour giggling over it. And...they say "chuu!" hehehe.

Any others you'd suggest?