Wednesday, January 12, 2005

miscellany (my favorite word)

The Good:
-Three new students today and lots of kids paying me on time means I'll be able to make rent for next month, and maybe even manage a deposit on a new apartment for March. Still kinda curious as to how I'll get up to the Cities in February to audition, though.

-April 15th, Washington DC: Marisa's bachelorette party. Sweeeeet.

The Bad:
-One of my left upper molars is giving me shit today. Like, hardcore tooth-hurty shit. A thought occurs: it may have been a while since I last visited the dentist.

-When my car does funny things, I get upset. Car, I specifically told you to behave and be good. Mommy can't afford you getting all primadonna on me now that you're 76,000.

The Slightly Obnoxious:
-I had asked the roommate if he'd be up to cancelling our cable subscription a while back, and he said he'd go ahead and do it. Only, when I got back from Madison, we still had cable. Well, I figured I'd not pay for it, since I haven't watched TV in what seems like ages (even my precious Daily Show, and I can get snippets of it on the internet). So last night he asks me if I'm still splitting the cable bill, and I said no, naturally. Also, said bill has gone up to $90 for cable and internet. The hell? Anyway, he pulls this fancy little manipulative card on me: apparently since I have access to a DVD player and a TV, I should split the bill still. Pardon? Pardon McWhatthefuckpants? A + B = You are a complete dumbass? I mean, for the use of these things I split the electricity bill, not the cable bill. I repeat: have not watched cable for nearly a month. Long story short, roommate is moving TV and various movie-watching accessories into his bedroom after my 80s Muppet Fantasy Movie Night (which is tenatively scheduled for this Friday, January 14th). Awesome. Please see me for instructions on how to finance my acquisition of product below.

The "Oops I Crapped My Pants":
-Apple is now offering something so tantalizingly wonderful and sexy that I feel I might just have to take out a loan to get one. Did I mention it would solve my internet troubles? Introducing: the Mac Mini. Thanks to Ally for jaw-dropping awesomeness, as usual.

Ok, who needs a drink?