Friday, January 07, 2005

yes sir, i believe that falls under the category of "i don't even want to know."

Last night I was hanging out with Jamie and having a nice introspective chat on past happenings. The subject of Jerry came up, and what he does, so I went over to the stereo to pick up the bowl he gave me before I left for California last fall.

Only, it wasn't there.

"That's odd," I said. "I don't remember moving that."

So when the Roommate got home, I went downstairs to ask him about it. "So, Mike, there was a bowl on my stereo speaker. Do you know what happened to that?"

This look of terror crossed his face and he brought the envelope he was holding up to his face to cover his mouth.

"Um...yeah, I have it. Um. I'll get it to you in a second."

All sorts of insanely naughty and gross thoughts flit through my head before I come up with the response: "Okay, well, that was a gift from Jerry, and I don't want it being used." He says he'll bring it up to my room in a minute, and I say, "No, just put it back where it was."

He's still got that look on his face and I don't even want to know. Look, you can do all the kinky shit you want but leave my personal belongings out of it. Please.

And what in the world would you be doing with a ceramic bowl?

Okay, wait, don't answer that. I said I didn't want to know.