Sunday, January 09, 2005

75 and sunny

Absolutely gorgeous day in Dallas, today, way beyond my expectations of a nice day here.

Naturally, I thought it'd be a good day to walk to the library. I mean, my roommate won't be up for a couple of hours (besides the sex he and the gf will be having before they actually do get up), and I'd like to check my email anyway. The path runs diagonally from my apartment to the library, and I'd say it's about a two mile walk each way. Trekking around Madison last weekend reminded me that there was a time I didn't need a car, and liked it.

The Shins in my CD player and a bounce in my step, off I go. I did forget to bring my camera, which occurred to me when I found the best Poohsticks bridge ever. The weird ungainly birds are everywhere and the ducks are loud as hell.

And I really hate people sometimes. How could so much trash get left here? There's plastic bags stuck in nearly all the trees and other shit everywhere, all over the ground. I hate people. We're supposed to leave this place better than we found it, hello? Anyone else in girl scouts as a kid? Environmental responsibility? Hello?

Le sigh.

Anyway, just taking a break at la biblioteca, and then I'll walk back. Feels good to get some blood flowing again and get the cobwebs outta my brain.