Sunday, January 09, 2005

i will be sleeping well tonight

I'm exhausted. First I walked four miles- half of which, coincidentally, takes me exactly as long as the runtime of the Garden State soundtrack- to the library, as you well know. And then Jamie and I played frisbee for an hour-ish. First we had to go to Target and get a frisbee, though, which cost more than I thought (doesn't it seem like you always have way too many of the damn things, that you got for free at the car wash or your dad's company picnic, but you can never actually find one when you want it?), but we got the last one.

Discussions on running:
Lorn: I've never been very good at running.
Jamie: I despise it. The only time I'll do it is in pursuit of something.
Lorn: What, like a frisbee? *proceeds to throw frisbee as far as possible*
Jamie: Fuck you!
Lorn: You gotta watch what you ask for around me, kiddo.

Also, Chris, you'll be happy to know that I've found someone new to school at 1000 Bornes. That's right. I remain the champion. Don't you miss our tournaments? Losing numerous and sundry games in a row with insanely disproportionate collections of travelled miles? Oh, I kid, but those were the golden days of our friendship, and you know it.

So anyway, four mile walk + game of frisbee= sleepiness. Would that the weather stay nice, and I could do it again sometime. I haven't been this honestly, truly tired in a long time.

It'll probably rain tomorrow. Stock.