Thursday, January 20, 2005


I'm still alive, although for some reason I feel half-dead. So help me, if I get sick... so many kids have told me they or their siblings have had the flu this past week, and I just ain't down with that shit. I haven't been sick since the summer, long before I left for Texas. That's an official record in my book. Usually I'm all over the common cold. My body has a strong predilection for making sweet, sweet love to the common cold. So, I guess I should count my blessings on this sickness sabbatical.

Anyway. Here are some song lyrics that have a) made me think of someone in particular b) made me sad c) applied to my situation or d) summed everything up in a nice tight package. You can guess which is which, and then leave your own relevant lyrics in the comments.

1. Ani Difranco- Shrug
are you just at home now with the way that you act
do you split the rent there with all your secrets
or do you just pretend to all your friends
they're uninvited guests

yes and when you want it tidy tell me
can you still dispel me
sweep me neatly under the rug
does your conscience ever mention
the way that you treat me
or do you just fend it off with a...shrug?

2. The Decembrists- Red Right Ankle
This is the story of the boys who loved you
Who love you now and loved you then
And some were sweet, some were cold and snuffed you
And some just laid around in bed.

Some had crumbled you straight to your knees
Did it cruel, did it tenderly
Some had crawled their way into your heart
To rend your ventricles apart
This is the story of the boys who loved you

3. Ani Difranco- Phase
i'll be your biggest fan
i will be your fool
i'll be your exception
to whatever the rule
and i ain't the type to bitch
i ain't the type to cry
i'll sit at your red light and wait
for your shit to go by
and this vague little smile
is my all-purpose expression
the meaning of which
i will leave to your discretion

4. Elliot Smith- Pretty (Ugly Before)

Sunshine, been keeping me up for days
there is no night time, it's only a passing phase
and I feel pretty, pretty enough for you
I felt so ugly before, I didn't know what to do

sometimes is all i feel up to now
but it's not worth it to you
cos you gotta get high somehow
is it destruction that you require to feel?
Like somebody wants you, someone that's more for real

sunshine, been keeping me up for days
there is no night time, only a passing phase
and I'll feel pretty, another hour or two