Thursday, January 13, 2005


As long as I am bitching, and as long as Jerry is warming up that ball-kick surprise for my roommate, what do you think?

If one party has a personal pet peeve or cleanliness issue that they like to see addressed, isn't it just common courtesy that said party should manage the problem on their own?

For example, I don't much like the cockroaches in the kitchen myself, but I don't see what that means that I have to do the dishes every night. They're still going to be there regardless of whether the dishes are done or not. They are tenacious. They are cockroaches. You can't kill the things with nuclear war, for crying out loud.

Besides, I don't kill things. Buddhist, remember? And maybe I don't like it when people spray Raid on my kitchen counter. Just a thing, I've got. Sorry. Didn't mean to be pushy or unbearable or anything.

I'm just being bristly because someone giving you a mandate is mighty uncomfortable and insulting, especially when your record of roommate consideration is otherwise spotless (oops- excuse me, there's something on the corner of the screen there. Lemme get that off), but I'm pretty sure that's still a stupid thing to ask. "Hey-we're going to do the dishes every night because I don't like cockroaches in the kitchen" makes me wanna scream, "that's your own bloody issue, now, isn't it? So how's about you do your dishes every night and I'll do mine when I mo'fucking please?"

It's enough to make me wanna take a swing at someone. Seriously.