Monday, February 14, 2005

do you remember?

I really need to take my car to the shop to get the coolant changed, but it's too damn beautiful outside to do anything but frolic. It makes me incredibly homesick for San Diego, where you can frolic and it's pretty and the air quality is good and there's an ocean. If I were there, I'd be halfway to my waterfall in Los Penasquitos by now.

To Valentine's Day, I, whatever. I've never really cared much for it anyway. But this morning I was thinking of four years ago, and smiling.

Four years ago, Emily, Bethany, Davis, Christine, Heidi and I gathered in Heidi's dorm room and hatched a plot- like Secret Pals, only for Valentine's dates. We drew each other's names out at random and were assigned to get that person a date. I had Emily.

I remember it was supposed to be funny, but I stressed out about it a little. I wanted to get Emily a good date, since that's kind of what she was looking for at the time anyway. I asked Ian, but he was busy. I asked Chris, and he looked at me like a deer in headlights- which could only mean someone else had already asked him to be a date. I procrastinated. So I asked Ryan, and he agreed (I think at that point he was still somewhat willing to be of use to me).

Davis and I had everyone all figured out long before the actual date, so I knew that she had me and I knew that Chris was my date. We couldn't all go together as one big group, so on our night it was me and Chris, Emily and Ryan, Heidi and Toby. Hehe! Toby! Tutto Pasta. The crazy CD they were playing, with the cheesy french music. Chris having to cut Ryan a check for his meal since they only took credit and cash.

The other crowd was...Davis and Grant, Bethany and Alex, and Christine and...I can't remember.

And just to prove how wonderfully incestuous we all were, not too long later Emily and Grant were dating, as were Davis and Alex, Ryan had split, again, Chris and Davis played at...something, that was, I'm told, incredibly frustrating, and Toby still had us all confused as to whether he was gay or just... incredibly weird and uber horny (Toby kissed me once on the way home from a party. I wasn't expecting it in the slightest, and then he went on to kiss everyone else we were with too).

A year later and I was taken in completely by the smell of stargazer lilies. I still am.