Saturday, February 05, 2005

um, sad.

Million Dollar Baby is a good movie, but damn if it don't put the weight of the world straight down on your shoulders. I was all set for one of those triumphant overcoming odds style movies, you know the drill.

And then I remember that just about every movie Hillary Swank is in ends with her getting the shit kicked out of her.

Reasons to see it, if you can get past the sadness and the moral obligation bits (and also the horrifying sounds of things in the human body snapping that shouldn't be snapping):
-Excellent banter between Eastwood and Freeman
-Hillary Swank is awesome, and plucky, and smart-assed
-"Father, do you have time for the Immaculate Conception?"
-A catholic priest cussing
-The crazy kid from Texas

And I highly recommend, as recovery therapy, spending the rest of the evening making out with someone of whom you are quite fond. It helps tremendously.