Thursday, February 10, 2005

what i'll be doing when i'm not blogging

Allow me to take one last opportunity to procrastinate by way of my preferred method, this silly little blogging thing, by letting you know how the remainder of my February will be spent. Just so you didn't think I was avoiding you for no reason. Have I ever mentioned that February is my least favorite month (it's always given me some sort of insanely obnoxious trouble), and I can consider the rest of the a smashing success if I can just get through these 28 days of torture (Don't get me started on Leap Years)? To bastardize a Douglas Adams line- "this must be February. I could never get the hang of Februarys."

1. FAFSA Funtime! I'm here at the library again to get my financial aid shit somewhat sorted out. I really have no idea what I'm supposed to do or what's expected of me, so here's hoping I can figure it out before the building closes and they kick me out.

2. Taxes. I'm looking at a nice refund from my lifeguarding gigs, and it makes me dream sweetly of new computers.

3. Practicing. Starting with selecting "3-4 standard orchestral excerpts," I will be doing this pretty much nonstop until March 6th. I was also loaned a baritone by one of my schools, but I can't as of yet muck around in that department as it's a small bore, and all my mouthpieces are large. Debating whether or not I should just suck it up and rent a euphonium from Brook-Mays for a month or two, seeing as the smell of a middle school baritone is about as pleasant as the Bush twins on an alcohol binge.
I'm still waiting to get my tenor back from the shop, though, after the whole kamikaze spit valve incident, so I've been playing a shitload of bass trombone for the past four days. Jason, how do you do this everyday? I'm in a permanent state of dizzy. Wooo. But I sound much better than I usually do on bass, and the whole annoying middle register issue I usually have is nearly solved.

4. Learning how to teach students jazz improvisation. This requires that I myself learn jazz improvisation- that is, better than I do now. My current method of improv follows this train of thought: a) stay in key signature, b) sample 3-4 nice sounding notes, and c) rinse and repeat. I need to get my act in gear on this as one of my students has finally revealed to me a love of music that is rooted in jazz, not wind ensemble/marching band stuff, and I'm so excited that he's finally come around and been upbeat about something that I feel I owe him some above average teaching in this regard.

5. Compiling a comprehensive stylistic jazz CD for above student.

6. Various and sundry car repairs/check-ups.

7. Haircut. Sweet Jesus do I need to do that immediately.

8. Finding a place to stay in the Cities February 25-27, preferably free.

9. Packing. Other assorted technicalities associated with moving- change of address, renting a truck, figuring out how in the world I'm going to put a sofa, a bed, and a box spring onto a truck without assistance (hint, hint) and then take it off again without assistance and lug it up a flight of stairs without assistance (hint, hint!). Also what to do with Chris's bed, which no one will buy and no one will take as a donation.

10. Navigating the intense realm of emotional anxiety I have been living recently in regards to how I let people set me up and then disappoint me bitterly. Notice I said "I let people" in passive voice, thereby resolving said persons of blame; because I can't afford to alienate anyone but I'm starting to think that maybe I should stop getting so all-fired worked up about things that I know will fall through in the end.

I'm already tired, and I haven't even made it through the train wreck that is Valentine's Day.