Thursday, February 03, 2005

pop, zing!

I was going to use my extra cash this month to buy myself some new pants. See, I try to look nice for my kids- I suppose it doesn't matter if I wear jeans or not, but I dress up nonetheless. Nothing too fancy- my rule is, see what the band directors are wearing, and feed off of that. Anyway, my nice pants collection is a sad state of affairs- I'm down to two, one of which is starting a penny-sized hole in the crotchal region and both of which are about two sizes too big for me. I suppose that's better than too small. But sometimes I feel like I'm wearing clown pants, and other times a tent. It's not the most pleasant way to go about your day, dressed in tentwear. Not the latest fashion. Kind of...passe, shall we say?

Well, I was going to buy some new pants. Until my water key went bang zoom and flew right off the end of my trombone and nearly took out my kid's eye. Weeee!

Instrument repair time, fantastic.

I'll probably still get some new pants, though. Sautering on a spit valve really isn't all that costly. New pants and a freshly sautered spit valve? Be still my heart!

Oh, and AHHHHHH-NEEEE!!!! It is my hope I will be able to get some pictures up tomorrow. :)