Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I am officially without internet access until some undetermined time in the future- the roommate decided to just cut off our cable and internet starting with February rather than waiting until, you know, we'd actually left the damn place. So, if you're expecting to see me on AIM, sorry. I miss you too.

And no more Pamie, Green Fairy, or Heather Corinna for me until that unknown date, either, as all of their sites are banned at the library.

Because I spent most of Sunday and Monday talking to and driving myself mad (and anticipating something that didn't happen- stock), I had the craziest and most wonderful cinematic Johnny Depp dream last night. Used to be I'd have all these dreams starring Mel Gibson, which in retrospect makes me want to tear out whatever part of my subconscious was responsible for that casting error and stomp it into tiny bits, so if my new noctural leading man of choice is Johnny I have no complaints. Well just one. A suggestion really. Can we get some nude scenes?

Anway, I'm writing down what I can remember of the dream and fleshing it out into a story- it was that cool.

A rush of new students today puts me over 30. 32, to be exact.

I am going to kill everyone in this library for being bloody annoying. First that lady with the perky voice won't get off the damn phone, and then the guy with tremendous amounts of snot in his nose, and now someone's let his watch alarm just beep beep beep him into the next millenium. I hate people. But I need them. Arrrgh.

Ooh, that was awesome- the perky voiced lady just told another cell phone user to keep it down.

Ani's in two days. Woooot!

My roommate came home last night, while I was bitching about stuff with Megan, made a big racket with the dog and then five minutes later stood in the living room and shouted, "Lorn! I'm home!" Uh, yeah. No shit. And this is pretty funny: "Lorn! You know that that Ani Difranco chick you like is in Dallas this week!?" "Uh, yeah, Mike, I've had tickets for two and a half months." "Oh! Cuz I almost got you a ticket!" "Oh really? You don' t need to do that." "Yeah, well someone's selling a ticket on Craigslist for $30!" "Yeah, Mike, that's me. I'm selling that ticket." "Oh! Well I just wanted to make sure you knew."

This is especially amusing to me, as I told him last week, when Katie was still coming, that I not only had a guest but that we were going to see Ani. See, roommate's the kind of guy who doesn't process any information that doesn't have to do with himself. So I gave up ages ago trying to share any personal information with him, as his eyes would glaze over and he'd nod blankly. However, I know a shitload more about him than I even care to consider. So whatever information I give him filters through very slowly and comes out at odd and inappropriate times and makes him look like the biggest damn fool in the world. Which he is. So I guess everyone's happy.

I'm about to run out of internet time. Le fucking sigh.