Wednesday, February 16, 2005

take that, vocal chords! and that!

I'm curious as to why it is, exactly, that I regularly lose my voice at the tail end of colds. Is it a genetic thing? Even if I get a different kind of cold every time, does it get into my immune system, look down at its symptons checklist, and go, "Oh, laryngitis for this one. Right-o!"?

Anyway, it makes my Wednesdays so much more fun! Since they were about as fun before as a barrel full of Ebola-infected monkeys (mm, Ebola snot- sorry, it's just that I've read The Hot Zone one or two too many times), now it's just double trouble.

It's nearly impossible to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" when Kirstie Alley's lodged in your throat. For some reason, I still attempted it. All I got is a bunch of 12-year olds giggling at me. On separate occasions.

I'm not just singing "SOTR" for your amusement, you know. I really want you to know what an octave sounds like. Really I do. So you don't suck quite so hard next time you try to play one. My ears would be that much less closer to exploding.