Monday, March 21, 2005


Just a few links regarding the Terry Schiavo case.

The hypocrisy of Bush's actions in Texas.
In 1999, then-Gov. Bush signed the Advance Directives Act, which lets a patient's surrogate make life-ending decisions on his or her behalf. The measure also allows Texas hospitals to disconnect patients from life-sustaining systems if a physician, in consultation with a hospital bioethics committee, concludes that the patient's condition is hopeless.

And the effects:
In Houston, six month old baby taken off life support.
Judge denies request to stop center from taking man off life support.

This is not about whether people should live or die as they choose anymore. It's about using these kinds of everyday struggles (or whichever happens to be convenient at the moment) for political grandstanding that only divides the country further on complex gray issues.

Ms Lauren's series on the "Culture of Life":
Cancer Valley
Life in Baghdad
Gerri Santoro
Zeena Quishtiny

Please note how "erring on the side of life" does not apply to:
1. Victims of corporate greed and pollution
2. Women
3. People in cultures other than our own, especially those we are "at war with."
4. Basically anyone whose specific case is not deemed worthwhile for politicians to make a big hullabaloo over.

Luckily, someone can still find humor in this: Other 293 Million Americans Waiting for Congress to Pass Bills for Them.