Wednesday, March 30, 2005

i'm sorry, did i fall off the edge of the earth again?

I seem to have a habit lately of disappearing. Most of the time it has been my fault, as busy-ness seems to have suddenly overwhelmed my otherwise mundane life.

My absence of the last few days, however, owes a big FUCK YOU to Comcast for being a shitty internet company. Thanks much, Comcast! Kiss kiss!

Anyway, I'm sorta kind back for good for a while.

Jason is giving a recital tomorrow night that I imagine is going to rock hard core. Everyone wish him good luck!

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to:
-Do my taxes
-Email 8 million people about random necessary items
-Establish Texas residency
-Bother my students' parents for money
-Drink $1 beers at Two Rows with the unmatched, undefeated, and unstoppable midwestern duo that is Tim and Allison.