Wednesday, March 23, 2005

a short and sweet post in which i bitch about money

Does anyone have an Easter gig they want to give me? A nicely paying one? In the greater Metroplex area? Please? I plays trombone real nice.

In between lessons today I sat down and figured out that my students, in total, owe me upward of $1,000. Today I was given $300 of that. And I'm still waiting on Mesquite ISD to process my check for scholarshipped lessons- which adds another $300 to what I have coming to me.

Supposedly I am supposed to get about $400 in tax refunds as well. However. I can't seem to open the proper form on the IRS webpage. Um, grr?

Total money coming to Lorn: $1,700 (and that's not counting what will come at the beginning of April for lesson renewal)
Total money she has actually seen: $300
Total money owed by Lorn in rent: $400
Total money owed by Lorn in various bills: $200

Remainder: $1,100.