Tuesday, August 02, 2005

august 2005: rrrraaarrgh!

Sorry about my lack of blogging recently. I've been busy, and will get even busier! Preparing for my return to school, after a two year hiatus, makes me feel a combination of anxiety, excitement, and old hat. After all, doing a new gig every year has been a trend now following my move home after graduation, and my move here after realizing that my move home was a colossal disaster. Wee!

July 30th marked my one year anniversary of life in Texas. I survived!

My birthday was fun: Chuck and I went to the Women's Museum for many informative and inspiring hours, followed by excellent Indian food at the Clay Pit, followed by numerous beers. Time well spent!

Here's my schedule for August:
August 1-12- teach PHS band camp sectionals, try not to lose mind whilst remembering fat paycheck.
August ongoing- Make the house liveable; ie blinds, backyard improvements, furniture, garage door opener, ceiling fans, washer, etc.
Also ongoing; make phone calls at some point to the following people- Davis, Sarah M, Sarah B, Jerry, Megan. If you are on the list, feel free to call me. I'm not so busy I wouldn't looooove to stop digging in my backyard and talk. Please. It's hot here.
Also also ongoing; PRACTICE ASS OFF, Study piano, theory, and history.
August 12- Fly to New York, establish cheap trip to Long Island.
August 13- See Marisa and Dennis married. Enjoy friends and alcohol.
August 14- return to Dallas, sleep.
August 18?- Start all my regular school year students back up. Keep telling myself it's all about the benjamins education of our precious youth.
August 22/23- Attempt passage of AT LEAST piano proficiency required for UNT graduate study. Must not take piano. Must not take piano.
August 24-28- Run about wildly registering and paying for classes
August 27/28- Audition, rock out, find myself in Jan's studio
August 29- Start masters degree!

Also, it's official: Jason will be my housemate for the next school year. Yay, Jason! I still have one room available...

Off to pack some more boxes! Wee!