Monday, July 18, 2005

all these silly things

1. My key ring was stolen yesterday at the yard sale I ran to benefit the cat shelter. The keys aren't such a big deal, but the clicker to my apt complex gate is. $50 to replace.

2. I was offered a shitload of money in loans and grants offered to me by UNT. I am officially going to grad school.
2a. I can't log into My UNT to accept said loans and grants because the website is being ridicuntulous.

3. I get the keys to my house soon...maybe Friday.
3a. I have to start doing yardwork and buy a fridge...maybe Saturday.

4. My kittens are adorable.

5. Megan was here for a whirlwind visit on Wednesday. It was a blast. We went to the sculpture center and ate cake and the The Women's Museum. Much fun was had.

6. Wisconsin is gorgeous.

7. Madison just got even cooler.