Wednesday, August 03, 2005

goddamm cats!!

I'm spending a few days in Dallas because of my commitment to teaching band sectionals at Poteet, which means I'm sleeping on the couch and using the lappy for (slow) internet funtimes. That means, for those not in the loop of my furniture possession status, that I am missing a desk and a bed. Both items reside currently, and will for the next two years, in Denton at the hiz-ouse.

So, when we went to Wisconsin, the kitties went to the shelter for food and runny noses, and came back with fleas as well. Not a part of the bargain, but oh well. The fleas are gone from the kitties. They are now in my apartment's carpet instead.

This means that I get to sit on the floor with my laptop and get eaten by fleas at the same time.

Goddamm it!

Also, Chuck informed me that yesterday they went on a "pooping spree" which also coincided with the peeing on of my awesome blue-and-starry bedspread. WTF is up with my kitty cats? I am madly in love with them, but it seems like they haven't had more than a week of either total health or non-psychotic pooping behavior. It's either one or the other. I think it's time to stop relying on Laniq (the shelter lady, whom I respect, admire, and sometimes am completely astounded by) and find a good vet who can make my cats healthy for good.

In the meantime I have done some research on quality foods and feeding techniques. Any suggestions?

They are still cute, yes?