Wednesday, August 03, 2005

perspective, ho!

last august I:

was new to texas
was often drunkenly homesick for madison
had a crush on leon, of all people
missed the people i worked with in san diego (mikey, nick, heidi)
was traversing the wilds of dallas for a nearby liquor store
didn't play enough trombone
had rapidly diminishing funds
was excited about teaching lessons
hated shitty marching bands
tried (and possibly failed) to be a good roommate
listened to shitloads of ani difranco
was planning a trip to austin
made up thousands of eddie izzard related private jokes
felt very uncertain about my future

two augusts ago i:

wrapped up a tumultous summer at blue lake
struggled with the end of my relationship with jerry
returned gratefully to a much-missed madison
planned half-heartedly my return to san diego
played trombone infrequently
applied for lifeguarding jobs
had no fucking clue what my future held

this august i:

live both in dallas and in denton
find myself frequently tired of teaching, but do it nonetheless
participate in a fun and sometimes frustrating relationship with chuck
have developed a deep-seated dislike of texas
appreciate greatly new friends (tim, allison)
anticipate the reappearance of older friends and soon-to-be roommates (jason)
miss wisconsin like the dickens
work infrequently at a pool with annoying employees
juxtapose past and present far too often
practice trombone almost everyday
anticipate my return to collegiate life
feel my future is not something i should worry about too often

that was a very healthy exercise. now it's your turn!