Sunday, December 25, 2005

you, mr tumnus, aren't so bad yourself

Narnia= awesome.

Today hasn't been so traditional, in turns out. I slept in later than I wanted to, thanks to staying up late panicking about life (like you do), and my dad's sick, so just my mom and I went to the movie. Besides the presents I bought with myself in mind (each year I am charged with the excellent task of stocking-stuffer shopping, which I quite enjoy. It ensures me new additions to my CD and book collections), I was given a $100 gift certificate to Borders! Imagine what fun I shall have! Tee hee! Too bad the nearest Borders to Denton is half an hour away, and they switched over to Seatle's Best coffee, which means I no longer get a discount for my Borders mug and the excellent chai lattes are now merely Tazo mix, which is gross and not to be trusted. Le sigh!

Narnia= still awesome.

Let me explain a little more about why I feel the holidays, for me, aren't always worthy of the trip (which is not to say I don't relish a few days in the warmth and blue skies of my Other Homeland). I guess it's the feeling that there should be holiday cheer, and laughter and arguments over who does the dishes, but there isn't much of anything in my house. My dad is crabby and sensitive, my mom frowns at my attempts to introduce new ideas, Christmas morning we greedily tear into our presents and then retreat back to our respective stations. What can I do to change this? Well I am trying, for one, to act less sullen and try to make the most of it in a Buddhist fashion. If it makes people happy, they say... well anyway, Christmas used to have magic for me but it doesn't any more. Too many petty things revolve around this season- do we need so much to reaffirm our belief in the good of human beings that we need a whole holiday for it? Why not find the joy in the rest of the year? Malls are scary. Make cookies and cheese dip instead.

Well, anyway- go see Narnia. It's EXCELLENT.