Sunday, September 10, 2006

'are you made of calcium, or are you carbon-based?

(cuz if you're made of calcium/ i'll have to take a taste/ calcium is deadly/ but tender to the tooth/ but it's one sure-fire way to know if you're mx-missle proof/ or if you're just aloof' --Andrew Bird)

In other words, it's time to make the blog more career-friendly.

The trombone powers that be at school like to rail against blogging. 'If you're not careful, it can haunt you. Don't do it. Do it under a pseudonym, if you must, but don't do it.'

But I've had this blog for so long!!! < /whine >

And I'm not ashamed of anything I put up on here. It's usually done for your entertainment and mine- if I bitch or moan I keep it impersonal and political.

But who knows. Someone else might not feel that way, so I am asking you, my dear readers, to give me some advice. Is there anything on Buddha Stew that screams 'Good Lord! She'll never get hired now!!!' or would you rather have your name removed from a post, or a particular incident go undocumented? What would you do?

I've made it so you can't search my real name and come here. Most of what you'll get on Google is references to trombone playing, which is good. I'll take out my real first name wherever it appears and replace it with 'Lorn', which is what I ask you to refer to me as here on this site. If you find something in your searches that leads here and shouldn't, please inform me.

And I'm going to start paring down the archives, leaving just the good stuff. Now mind, I'll have it on my hard drive for my own personal reference, but most of it's going to be inaccessible to teh internets.

I will still post pictures, but probably mostly at the photoblog, and I'll probably take down the ones where I look like a big drunken idiot.

In the meantime, I will continue to post (when I have time- holy semester!) and be discrete about it. Viva La Stew!

And please...your suggestions, below. Spin the wheel for me.