Sunday, October 22, 2006

i think i might be okay

First off, the background info:
Tuesday, I have to give a presentation on 150 pages of modal anaylsis of Monteverdi by Susan McClary. I also have to turn in a four page paper on the comparative musical cultures of Ewe/Dagomba and Shona peoples. I have a lesson for which I was assigned a ton of music, and two concerts in the evening.

The breakdown looks like this:
11a-12:20p Baroque history class (presentation)
1:15-3:30p Music in Africa (paper)
4p: Lesson (Bitsch 4 and 8, Gotkovsky 1st mvt)
6:30: Recital (quintet plays Calvert Suite from the Monteregion Hills)
8p: Trombone Choirs concert (Mark's octet, Ewazen Grand Canyon Octet)

If I can make it through this...well, I'll be okay until next Tuesday.

But after a long and fairly awesome talk with a friend today, I managed to get my head sorted out. Emotional issues- better. Stress issues- less stressful. Financial woes- still pretty shitty, but oh well.

And then I thought, what's really stressing me out about Tuesday is that I teach on Mondays, and that takes away a lot of time. So I moved my lessons to Friday, opening up at least 6 hours of blissful getting-things-done time.

I made my cats happy by buying them tuna cat food. Gatsby actually crawled into my lap after eating and stared at me contentedly. I went swimming. I didn't really get anything done, but the night's young enough. I took some deep breaths and left my trombone alone for a little bit.

I feel a little freer...a lot freer. I'm a lot more optimistic about the people here I call my friends...and that's the best feeling of all.