Tuesday, October 17, 2006

step one: steal underpants

This is the week I plan to catch up on all my shit.

Step One (Tuesday): Academics. Spend Tuesday getting all coursework back under control and catching up on reading assignments and general knowledge of study material.

Step Two (Tuesday): Trombone Choir. Practice music in hopes of not sucking at it any more because it's Ewazen and Ewazen is impossible if you don't shed it repeatedly (at least for me).

Step Three (Tuesday or Wednesday): Go swimming.

Step Four (Wednesday): Play bass trombone all day- think about how rocking it will sound with the friggen THREE O'CLOCK LAB BAND at the Syndicate that night.

Step Five (Wednesday): Finale time! Arrange "O Magnum Mysterium" for 4tet. Don't cry when realization hits that knowledge of Finale is slim to none.

Step Six (Thursday): Bask in the glory of an open afternoon for practicing. Learn Bitsch 4, woodshed the Gotkovsky Concerto, and work on 4tet music (esp. Apon second movement).

Step Seven (Thursday): Pet Kitties. Take nap with Kitties. Tell Kitties of eternal and selfless love held for them, promise to pay better attention in the future to their soulful 'but I miss you!' glances.

Step Eight (Friday): Review practiced material from Thursday, learn Bitsch 8, record something (esp. slide vibrato on "My Romance" for reference).

Step Nine (Friday): Socialize, but don't drink too heavily. Decompress. Find a massage partner?

Step Ten (Saturday): Review everything practiced, polish whatever necessary Record some more. Establish reasonable hours of quartet rehearsal.

Step Eleven (Sunday): Catch up on any schoolwork or research (esp. for Music of Africa paper).

Step Twelve (Sunday): Everything is okay. Deep Breaths. The end of the semester is sooner than realized. Wax on, wax off.

There you go! Twelve steps, just like an alcoholic.

(I give myself two days before this whole plan falls apart and I spend the weekend huddled in a quivering ball sensitive to all nearby light sources, muttering incoherencies about "slide vibrato" and "potatoes goin' bad, pa, better get some new 'uns.")