Friday, September 29, 2006

sir updatius mcupdatatorium

1. The kitten is still here. Please give her a home. She's bigger, cuter, and tamer. Everybody wins!

2. I agreed to play fourth book in the Three O'Clock Lab Band. The Three! It's fun, but jeazy creezy, I didn't need another ensemble. Plus, I was actually getting accustomed to just playing tenor, and feeling good about my chops and my endurance. Oh well- looks good on the resume.

3. Can anyone recommend a humidifer? It's balls dry at my house and I wake every morning with a scratchy throat.

4. Talking is good. You should talk to people if you are stressed about something. Just sayin'.

5. My halloween costume is going be all kinds of awesome irony this year. Just you wait.

6. I have been riding my bike to school, but not swimming. Shit! I really want to go, but I can't find my goggles AGAIN- am too cheap to buy a new pair and too embarrassed to bum another lost-and-found pair off the lifeguards again. Good thing I know a lifeguard...

7. Bones Apart is coming! Here! October 9th. Last time, I couldn't stay out drinking (even with the invite from the girls themselves) because I had to drive back to San Diego. This time, dammit...

Also- Hullo, Lorna. I, um...well...*shifts feet* Gee. You're purdy.

8. I am playing John Stevens' Sonata in departmental next week. Huzzah!

9. Kinky Friedman is speaking at UNT today, and I am going to see him.

10. The internet is eating me. I need to practice, go to the grocery store, and shower.