Wednesday, August 15, 2001

ah well, the Zoo never worked out. They left just as I was leaving the airport...a fact which annoys me just a little (why couldn't they wait half an hour?) but then there was no way for them to know! Ah well, I talked to Jessie on the phone last night.
I did get my teeth cleaned today! hurray! i love going to the dentist. I know this sounds odd and not at all American but I do. Kathy, the hygenist, is hilarious and Dr. Aanuerud is pretty cool. Mostly it's just because, ever since I got my braces off, I've had this obsession with keeping my teeth clean and shiny. Hmm. My wisdom teeth, in keeping with my dental history, are underdeveloped and slow to erupt. They don't have any roots yet! And from how it looks, I don't have any upper ones at all. At any rate, this is the "perfect time" to get wisdom teeth out, when they don't have any roots. Yargh. Ok, we'll think about that when it gets closer to Christmas Vacation.

*Rumble rumble!* My tummy is hungry. I hope dinner is ready soon.