Thursday, August 16, 2001

i had two crazy dreams last night. one was scary! and the other was frustrating. They both involved, as the main character, this guy who resembled in many ways the guy from the party at HQ that Davis, B and I were checking out (I think his name was Nate, but, like everyone else at that party he refused to make eye-contact with me so I know nothing else about him). Anyway, to the dreams:

The first, I was exploring some sort of fishing community, and the only way to travel on it was to swing back and forth to each platform, where a different fisherman (or woman) was working. I was on this old man's platform, and his was a little farther away than the others from the one following, so I was having trouble working up the courage to swing across. But finally I took my window, and *plop!* I fell in. They all laughed at me, and especially when I tried to get up on the platform and kept tipping it (apparently there was no one fishing on this one). They told me I was scaring the I looked down into the water and suddenly I was sitting at a table, underwater! I could breathe. I think it was a ping-pong table. At any rate, the marine life was amazing...weird sea creatures floating around blithely in that weird-sea-creature way. I was talking to someone on the other side of the table. I don't know who it was. While I was talking this creature that looked like a cross between a jellyfish, an octopus, and a squid swam up and climbed up the wall on my right side (apparently i was now in some sort of submerged gaming room). I looked over at it (admiring its oddness, of course), and it had changed! Now it was a cross between a jellyfish, an octopus, a squid, and a man! Not just any man, oh no, but the incredibly gorgeous man mentioned earlier in the blog. He was mostly man, but he had weird little tentacles in and was sort of gelatinous. The person I was talking to (who at this point became Sarah Florino) said, "Be careful about the tentacles, they sting. And I should know because..." and then she kept talking but I didn't hear her because Jellyfish/Octopus/Squid Man was moving in my direction. And he starting teasing me about something, and then, out of nowhere, he starts tickling me! But it hurts, because he has stinging tentacles. (at this point I'm sure I starting thrashing around in my bed) I start freaking out....I can't move without getting stung more, I can't push his away so I start screaming, "Get away from me, GET AWAY! Get away, get away!" Which, of course, snaps me awake, sweating and terribly grossed-out. It's early to get up! So i go back to sleep. Dreaming once again...

This time I'm in my own house, and my parents have been so kind as to let a few people stay overnight. The only problem is, the only person I know is Davis! And the good-looking guy, no longer with tentacles and fully solid. There are four others, two girls, two guys, and they are young, 16, 17. They pair off (of course) and my parents have a horrific time trying to prevent sex happening on their floors. Meanwhile, I'm in the bathroom, and I don't have any pants on, for some reason. The hot guy walks in on me, and is completely non-plussed. So I'm not either, I guess (I didn't seem to mind at the moment). I don't say a word to him. Suddenly, he looks at me disgustedly and exclaims "Well, you don't have to hit on me! What are you thinking?" I look at him bewilderly and he runs out of the bathroom. I put some pants on, and help my parents play sex police for a while, but then I run across Davis and the boy talking and they both look up at me and smile. Davis has shorter hair. I shrug, and leave...and suddenly I'm lying on my bed, once again not wearing any pants. And the boy walks in again, emits an expression of rage, and shouts "Again! Stop flirting with me!" Now, I'm pretty pissed off at this point, so I get up, put on pants (good grief) and look at myself in the mirror. I have long, blonde hair! And the face isn't exactly mine either. But this doesn't faze me, I just say, "wow, my hair's growing fast" and walk into the living room. Once there, I proceed to shout obsenities and insults at the boy, citing that "you wouldn't know if someone was flirting with you if they hit you with a truck and screamed it at you through a megaphone!" Screaming, again, awakens me. Frustration, anger, and small amounts of self-doubt assail me.

And those, darlings, are my dreams. I think I can come to a conclusion about both, but for the sake of time and blog space, i shan't right now. :)