Saturday, October 23, 2004

at the poll place

[Sing the above to the tune of "Car Wash," there, good job, you've got it going on now]

The Great State of Texas (or, as I like to call it, the "There's Nothing Really Special About It but We're Bored, Violent and Egomaniacal So Let's Shove It in Everyone's Faces" State of Texas) offers Early Voting, and so today I voted.

Done, and done.

I also stood outside the polling place with information regarding those residents of Collin County who have been disenfranchised or misregistered this year, next to a big "Vote Democratic" sign. I'm not registered Democratic, nor do I believe that either of the two parties we have now are going to get us anywhere, but this election, it's feeling mroe black and white to me in terms of choices than usual. Obviously.

The response was mixed, to my sign. One woman chided me for not knowing "it's the Democratic party that is most responsible for voter fraud, Mary Poppins registered! Ha!" To which I could only respond, "well, if Mary Poppins did exist, she'd be a Democrat" (come on, Mary Poppins is totally against the man). Several older men confronted me with "Are you legally allowed to be here?" Yes. Lots of other people smiled and took flyers, one man asked where he could get a new Kerry yardsign, and I got props from a couple in matching orange U of Oklahoma t-shirts.

Across from me was a man asking for signatures on the petition to eliminate the Unicard. Hallelujah. I had to laugh at how many people were running to sign his petition. I've already done it. Axe that sucker, it's stupid.

Please Kerry, please. Please win this election. Please.