Saturday, December 11, 2004


Just got my Ani tickets. General admission- which means I'll be lined up all day to get a good seat, I guess.

Last night in advance I wrote down the number listed for tickets because I knew DB wouldn't be up and out of his room in time for me to use the internet (sure enough, he wasn't. Not only that he woke me up AGAIN while coming home, and then had really loud sex for what seemed like hours). Woke up right at 10 on the money this morning and called- they don't sell tickets on the phone. "You can buy them on the internet." Hmm, where have I heard that before? Or, come into the store and get them. Well, honey, Lower Greenville's a large hop, skip and proverbial jump away from me, and I just don't have time to dally.

The obvious thing to do is go to the library in pjs, hair a mess, no bra, and terrible morning breath.

Done, done, done, and done.

But I have tickets!

And she's not going to cancel this time, right?


[Edit- I'd fix the broken links, but library computers are far too slow to do these kinds of things, especially with my notorious lack of patience.]