Saturday, December 18, 2004

taking the snark up a notch

Snark: noun. A combination of "snide" and "remark." Sarcastic comments. [Defined for Jamie, because I did not make it up myself.]

It seems that the times I am the most dry and sarcastic are the times in which life is going swimmingly and I'm feeling generally happy about things in general. It's like my version of giddiness. In a higher proportion to giggles and odd behavior are the amount of crazy cynical remarks I make in general.

And since seratonin is flowing pretty freely these days, I've even managed to surprise my parents.

I think my mom is about to smack me.

See, it's all because she's so delightfully easy to mock, not in a mean-spirited way but in a loving, endearing way, that I just can't help myself.

And if you really want the sarcasm to flow, you should take me to Bath &Body Works on a Saturday around noon when I'm in a good mood and watch the spirit of Christmas slowly destroy it. Flames may have been coming offa me. My only defense is to make fun of everything in the store, even though I like that one scent and I bought Jerry's present there. The whole time I have to sneeze because there's just too much fragrance, and the store girls are, like, omg the most perky people ever! Omg!

I'm a nice person, really, and I have a healthy outlook on life. I just can't help making fun of it every now and again.

Most of my life I've been pretty reserved around my parents- well, scratch that, from the age of 13 or so on I've been pretty reserved around my parents, because they tend to disapprove easily. So, with my friends during those years I had to fight off all the repression somehow. Comedy is one way, sarcasm is another. It's not that my parents don't have a sense of humor; I think it's just that they expect my sense of humor to be of a certain type and it's not. Too early on it was warped by Monty Python and Douglas Adams.

I guess I just lay it on the heaviest when things are really bitchin'. Is that weird?